• Jos A Bank
  • Spanish Fort, AL (Eastern Shore Centre)
  • Apr 10, 2017

Job Description

   SUMMARY:   As a Tailor, you are expected to provide outstanding customer service.  This means that in addition to ensuring the proper fit, marking, altering, and pressing of garments, you should assist in the selling process by greeting and interacting with customers and handling all special requests or immediate alteration needs.  You must also contribute to a high quality work environment and work as a team with other store employees.   ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (others may be assigned):   Contributing to a High Quality Work Environment Maintain positive and professional relationships with your coworkers and contribute to a high quality work environment. Adhere to all policies as outlined in the Employee Handbook and/or all Company practices and procedures. Seek and respond to constructive feedback from your management team. Be receptive to learning new alteration techniques and share your ideas and procedures with your coworkers. Assist in teaching staff tailoring and pressing techniques. Bring all concerns or requests to your management team.  Report any incidents, accidents, or safety hazards that occur in your store to the manager on duty. Comply with the Anti Discrimination and Harassment Policy; immediately report any complaints or concerns under that policy to your Regional Sales Director, VP and/or Employee Relations.   Providing Excellent Customer Service Greet and interact with customers in a friendly manner. Listen to the wants and requests of the customer and answer the customer’s questions. Communicate to the customer and/or sales executive in a professional manner if there is a need for extensive alterations.  Communicate problems precisely and honestly, but do not overemphasize problems.   Supporting Tailor Shop Operations Complete all fittings in a timely, yet thorough manner, ensuring the proper fit of garments using standard Jos. A. Bank fitting guidelines, the basic markings, and the standardization of tailoring to Jos. A. Bank standards. Produce the maximum amount of quality alteration work each shift based on individual skill and experience but in no case less than the minimum of 400 minutes of tailor  productivity for each full time shift worked (minimum minutes of production will vary according to the length of the scheduled shift). Inform Sales Executive of all markings and special instructions before leaving the sales floor. Understand style and fit of various garments. Perform minor and major types of alterations in an accurate and timely manner. Participate in the tailor shop production system, both personal and teamwork production, according to store standards. Demonstrate proficiency in operating tailor shop equipment including, but not limited to straight stitch machine, blind hemmer, serger, button machine and TravelerCrease application. Press all altered clothing.  Block all collars, armholes and lapels.  Press front of lapels and sleeve heads. Pants press waistband and top part of trouser, mark the trouser crease at the bottom, press both legs. Be aware of pressing techniques for various weights of fabric.  Demonstrate proficiency in operating a press machine, including when and when not to use the vacuum and press head. Assist in teaching store personnel basic pressing techniques and minor alterations.   Work Habits   Actively participate in store meetings and all store or Company contests. Complete required training and actively seek other training opportunities. Learn, retain, understand and communicate an awareness of merchandise features and benefits of all existing and new product. Comply with all store operation procedures. Maintain your own timecard; clock in and out for appropriate meal periods. Maintain a clean and neat store; assist with general housekeeping. Portray a professional, well-groomed appearance and maintain good personal hygiene. Complete any other tasks assigned by your Store Manager, Regional Sales Director, or VP.   Mental/Physical Requirements Interpret, follow and execute detailed instructions.  Learn, apply and retain Company policies and procedures; merchandise and selling information.  Read, count and write to accurately complete documentation and inventory.  Carry out simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or be able to perform these with a calculator. Communicate clearly with customers and coworkers. Bend down and squat to locate and pick up merchandise located at ground level and bend down and crouch to mark pants for alterations. Lift arms and reach over the head to hang or take merchandise off racks or place on customer; assist customers put on coats. See and distinguish between fabric patterns and colors. Operate safely several machines in the tailor shop, including but not limited to, a straight stitch machine, blind hemmer, serger, button machine, steamer, press sewing machine, and TravelerCrease application. Frequent (at least 2/3 of the work day) pulling, pushing, grasping, reaching, cutting, and lifting with arms and hands and operating foot pedals. Alter and fit suits, which requires fine motor skills and dexterity and the ability to cut, sew, and thread a needle, and safely work with sharp instruments. Press up to 60 pounds of pressure using upper and/or lower body to close the head of the pressing machine.  Work up to five or six days per week, including evenings and weekends.   QUALIFICATIONS:   To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.